The Founder

A stylist with 30 years experience, I see many men, women, and children who experience hair loss.  The reasons for hair loss vary, but the experience is always the same – disbelief, sadness, insecurity, and embarrassment.

Each year, I’ve seen an increase in the number of requests for hair restoration services.  Men and women alike seek options to thicken hair and create fullness either on top of their head or around the temples.  For some, hair loss is more severe, and clients seek ways to cover the scalp when over-exposed due to significant hair loss.

I was moved by each story and experience and began to seek continuing education to learn how to better service my client’s needs.  Initially, hair restoration services were both limited and expensive.  During my 30 years experience in the hair care industry, I witnessed changes in technology and scientific advances that provided men, women, and children with diverse and affordable hair restoration options.

Even before these styles were made popular by today’s pop stars, models, actors and actresses, I provided hair extension services and custom wigs quite often in conjunction with other salon services.   These services were requested to replicate existing and pre-loss hairstyles or for the adventurous – to create a brand new look.

As a stylist, I became driven to combine my love for hair care, passion for helping those with hair restoration needs, and commitment to excellence.  Embellishments Hair Restoration Studio is the next step in my progression.