Children’s Hair Loss

Hair loss in children is more prevalent than most people imagine. Children’s hair loss is responsible for approximately 3% of all pediatric office visits in this country.

Embellishments Hair Restoration Studio recognizes that children’s hair loss can be an extremely devastating issue; however, you can take solace in knowing that most pediatric alopecia patients can be successfully treated with the proper diagnosis. We recommend seeking the advice of your pediatrician as soon as you notice the onset of even the smallest amount of hair loss.

For many children the effects of hair loss can be reversed with proper medical treatment.  For other’s, the hair loss is permanent or may require a significant period of time before improvement is visible.  In either case, Embellishments will work with both parents and children to select the best hair loss solution.

Our goal is to restore your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and most importantly, his/her smile.  Schedule your free, private consultation today.