Client Testimonial: Extension & Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Client Interview with Rosa Trost

The purpose of these client interviews is to give you a real-life look at the men and women who not only receive our services but also get results from Embellishments Hair Restoration Studio.  Today’s interview features Rosa, a long time client of Embellishments. Learn Rosa’s story.

EHRS: Rosa, you’re an Extension and Laser Hair Growth client of Embellishments. What prompted you to seek both our Extension and Laser Hair Growth Therapy treatments?

ROSA: I became interested in extensions to gain length and add fullness to my natural hair. The addition of Laser Hair Growth Therapy is because I believe that I will gain length and fullness back to my natural hair.

EHRS: How has the Hair Growth Laser Program, in conjunction with your extension service, made a difference for you?

ROSA: By combining the two programs, I received immediate results and have gained confidence back with my natural hair.

EHRS: What are some of the noticeable changes you’ve seen since you’ve combined both services?  Do you feel that you’ll ever be comfortable without the extension service?

ROSA: I have noticed a dramatic change in the length and fullness of my natural hair. I believe what I’m experiencing will result in me not needing extensions in the future.

EHRS: How has your discovery of Embellishments Hair Restoration Studio and its services made a difference for you?

ROSA: Embellishments Hair Restoration Studio has been a blessing in my life. Knowing that there is such a program, there is no reason for people to lack confidence when they start thinning or losing hair. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who feels the need to regain their love of full and thick hair.


Embellishments Hair Restoration Studio offers a variety of products and services to assist both men and women experiencing thinning hair or hair loss.

Some services, like our Extension and Laser Hair Growth Treatment, can be combined to achieve immediate results.  Hair Extensions are artificial hair integrations that add length to human hair. Most people are familiar with this very popular service.  However, Laser Hair Growth Treatment may seem somewhat elusive as many people, even if they receive the service, don’t openly discuss it.  To take the mystery out of this service, Laser Hair Growth Treatment is simply a non-surgical, scientific approach to the cosmetic treatment of hair loss, thinning hair, and scalp problems.

We hope you enjoyed Rosa’s interview.  Perhaps we will see you sitting in one of our chairs soon!

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