Fall 2014: Hair Color Trends You’ll Dye For!

Brunette, Blonde, and Red head

Are you ready for Fall 2014?  With such a wide range of temperatures, the opportunity to showcase seasonal hair and fashion trends before we pull out the coats and hats is limited!

Fall is the one time of the year when we’re not fighting with humidity and can wear a variety of clothing fabrics and hair textures that easily frizz the best! It’s the perfect season to put to rest an old look in exchange for a new one. Especially when it comes to your current hair color. The changing leaves coupled with the debut of new fashion trends makes toning down hair color or adopting something deep and sensuous a must!

Platinum blonde woman wearing black turtleneck
Photo: Glamour

With mysterious shades trending like cobalt blue, deep plums, muted berries, metallic gold and silver, even yellows and greens — faded highlights and old ombre just won’t do! This Fall, if you’re a blonde try platinum or ash blonde when adding metallic, plum and shades of blue to your wardrobe. Prefer a warmer looking blonde? Go for a honey blonde. Your friends won’t stop buzzing about how beautiful and youthful your locks look! This blonde hue is also beautiful when worn with warmer green, plum and brick colored clothing.






Woman with short red hair in black gown
Photo: Cosmopolitan – Christina Hendricks

If you are a redhead or just wish you were — red, red-brown, brown reds, cinnamon and auburn hair colors are definitely trending this season. Don’t shy away from revealing the “warmer” or shall I say “hot” side of your personality! Embrace new Fall clothing and make-up selections in shades of violet, berry, and wine partnered with red-brown and auburn hair colors. You can’t go wrong!

Don’t forget, diamonds chocolate is still a girl’s best friend. Sporting bold colors like cobalt blue, metallic or bright yellow this Fall? You will always look fabulous when paired with lush, chocolate-based hair color with caramel or honey highlights and ends.




Jessica Alba
Photo: Glamour – Jessica Alba

Since we are talking about chocolates … move over ombre, the sombre is “what’s hot” this Fall. Yes, the sombre, is a subtle graduation of dark roots – like chocolate — to a slightly lighter shade at the ends. It’s understated, yet chic.

So here it is — honey, wheat, platinum, ash, chocolate, caramel, red-brown, brown red, auburn, and cinnamon — are the hair tones you’ll want if aspiring to have a new, fashion-forward look this Fall. You’re in for a yummy burst of color this season! Buen banquete, bon appetit!

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