Hair Trends: Tips To Get The Look For Fall 2014!!

Brunette woman sporting a beautiful top bun


So you’re wondering what the latest hair styling trends are for Fall 2014?

Take note … this season’s hottest hairstyles are inspired by iconic looks from the 60’s and 70’s!

The Exaggerated Part

Deep side parts are definitely in this Fall.  Whether centered or on the side, hairstyles featuring parts create focal points that are arousing and add new interest for the eye! Parting the hair also can accentuate texture, add balance and create symmetry when and where needed.  Easy to achieve, an exaggerated part is the easiest way to change your look at a moments notice.

Topsy Turvey Top Knot

A carryover from Spring and Summer trends, buns and knots continue their reign whether messy or sleek. This classic style easily transitions from a day at the office to a night out with friends. For Fall, count on buns and knots to be a little larger and softer during the day, while taking on a smoother more defined look at night!

No longer reserved for weddings, ballerinas and conservatives, they’re perfect for enduring weather transitions or adding a touch of elegance to any look.

Style Tip: Buns and knots can be easily worn in many ways, by all women with any hair texture. Get creative and play around with positions on the top or side of the head to add pizazz! Wear “naked” or add hair accessories like bejeweled bobby pins or a deco bun pin.

Beachy Waves

Also trending this Fall for women with long hair … long layers with soft waves verses well-defined curls! This softer tussled look creates softness and suggests ease. Added bonus, beachy waves look great when paired with “transition outfits.” You know, it’s freezing when you leave the house, but hot and humid by lunch so layers become a necessity to make it through the Spring, Summer and Fall temps occurring all within an eight-hour workday. Phew!

Ponys Explore

Also trending are ponytails, braids, and pixies! Oh, my! Pixies are short, frisky and flirty ponytails during the day and sleek by night.

Beautifully coifed ponytails — with bangs, center parts or sleek — have always been a go-to style and continue to be this Fall, regardless of hair length.

Style Tip: Duality is HOT this Season. The look, featuring dual hair textures, is achievable with hairpieces or simple styling techniques. Women with textured hair will love duality. One technique is to slick the hair back with an elastic tie, then apply hair products to the pony that encourage curls or waves to run wild!

Bountiful Braids

Braids have been around since hair itself! Braids bring a rustic romance to any style and can be used to add dimension and compartmentalization when styling. This season’s braid trends offer opportunities for new and unusual looks!

Experiment with braids as accents to updos, to create hair bands around the face from ear to ear, to give buns and knots added texture or sport as traditional pigtails!

Style Tip: Don’t feel like you have enough hair for the ponytail or braid you’ve been eying on Pinterest? Simply add a ponytail piece or fall and voila!

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