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Children’s Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss in children can be the most difficult to acknowledge. Nearly 3% of all pediatric doctor visits in our country are related to the loss of hair in children. We at Embellishments Studio understand that it’s not easy to lose your hair as a young person. The loss of a child’s hair can be devastating to both the child and his or her parents. Everyone can be affected by this because we all deserve a worry-free childhood. In the case of your child, you should consult with their pediatrician immediately after noticing any potential symptoms of hair loss.

For a lot of young children, the devastating effects of losing their hair can actually be reversed if they are given the appropriate medical treatment early on. In the case of other children, that loss of hair ends up being permanent and may require a very extensive amount of time before any progress is made visible. Regardless of which situation you’re experiencing, Embellishments will continue to work closely with both the children and their parents so that we can find the best solution for you. We want to be able to give your child the confidence that they deserve and restore their self-esteem.

If privacy is a concern, please note that any consultations that you have with our hair salon are completely confidential and free. You won’t be charged any extra fees just for inquiring about these restoration methods for your child’s hair. Every parent wants to see their child be happy and seeing a child suffer any kind of medical trauma is very disheartening. As a parent, having modern technology available to us is such a huge blessing because we are able to make a kid feel like a kid again.


Hair Loss Causes for Children

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