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Women’s Hair Loss Causes

A common misconception is that losing hair is strictly a male problem. Women’s hair loss impacts confidence in a negative way. Studies have shown that losing hair can actually affect you psychologically and emotionally just as significantly as any disease would.

At Embellishments, it is important to us to make our clients feel as beautiful as possible. Our specialists will help identify the specific reason for your hair loss. We will evaluate your unique hair loss pattern, how quickly your hair is falling out, how long you have been experiencing hair loss, does it run in your family, and your medical history to identify if it is influencing your current hair loss. It’s never easy to admit that you are losing hair and as a result feeling more unattractive because of it. You’d be surprised to hear that over 40% of the population that end up suffering from this unfortunate loss, happens to be women.

We all deserve to feel our absolute best. At Embellishments, we offer a variety of solutions to women who are experiencing hair loss. Some women are just now noticing shedding and hair loss and are looking for preventative solutions. Others may be experiencing more significant hair loss and require a more aggressive treatment program. Below are some of the causes and non-surgical hair restoration solutions that our clients can consider:

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